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New Volunteer Ministries in the Killaloe Diocese

The Diocese of Killaloe is developing openings for two new lay volunteer ministries in the Diocese. Training programmes for the Ministry of Catechist and the Ministry of Pastoral Care will begin in the Autumn. These new ministries, open to women and men,  will be of interest to those already involved or those wishing to be more involved in the life of their local Church community.  They will involve lay people working in side by side with priests in key ministries

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Choose Life Newsletter

Every week, we invite you to read a newsletter Choose Life 2018 prepared for parishes by the Catholic Communications Office. The newsletter promotes the Church’s position on unborn human life and encourages family discussion on this important subject. We invite you to be missionaries for the cause of life. It is a noble cause to uphold the sacredness of human life

Choose Life 2018 – Issue 11

Choose Life 2018 – Issue 10

Choose Life 2018 – Issue 9

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Easter Ceremonies

The main Easter Ceremonies on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday will be celebrated in  Newmarket Church only.

Holy Thursday

Mass of the Lord’s Supper  – 7.30pm Newmarket

Confessions:                            8.15pm Newmarket

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament until 9.30pm

Good Friday

Outdoor Stations of the Cross at Carrigoran: 11.00am. All assemble in the chapel at Carrigoran

Celebration of the Passion:   3.00pm Newmarket

Confessions:                            4.00pm Newmarket

Stations of the Cross :            6.30pm Wells   /   7.30pm Carrigerry

Holy Saturday

Easter Vigil:                            9.00pm

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Penitential Service

The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be celebrated for the combined parishes of Newmarket and Shannon on this Tuesday evening March 27th in Sts. John and Paul Church, Shannon at 7.00pm. As we enter Holy Week we will try to get in touch with the final hours in the life of Our Divine Lord. In doing so we will also try to get in touch with whatever is broken in our own humanity. This public celebration of our human condition and