Christmas Message from Fr Michael

Published on December 23, 2022

One of the major themes of the Christmas Story is that of there being no room at the Inn. We see Mary, Joseph and their newly born child beginning family life, homeless. Later in the Christmas story we see them as exiles and refugees heading for safety of Egypt. Eventually they return to Nazareth to begin family life in their own home. While this is a story of some 2000 years ago, it still rings true today. In fact, it could be the headlines of any modern-day news account. It is encouraging, that we as a parish can gather this Christmas knowing that we have welcomed families from Ukraine, who just like the Holy Family are homeless, exiled and seeking safety. May we continue to do what we can to support and include them in our community. In these challenging financial times, we have seen wonderful work done by our local SVP group as they helped and supported those among us who struggle financially. None of which could have happened without people from this faith community contributing so generously. Like Mary our yes when we are asked to give can make so much possible.  Gradually we are seeing a reopening of parish activities. Here again we have witnessed nothing but willing volunteers. People willing to give of their time and their talents so that our liturgies and different parish activities are enriched. There are a myriad of prayer groups in the parish. In many ways these are the engine room of the parish as without then we would be labouring in vain. We give thanks for all the public and private prayer that is happening in our midst. Despite these challenging economic times, your generosity toward the different parish collections continues to make so much possible both within and beyond our parish community and for that we say thank you. Hopefully the year ahead will allow us to build on what we have achieved this year so that as a parish community we can continually grow in our capacity to move from being a church of maintenance to one of mission. May God bless you and your families this Christmas and, in the year, ahead.           Fr Michael