As a Parish we have Much to Give Thanks for this Christmas.

Published on December 30, 2022

As a Parish we have had a great Christmas. While we had a lot of liturgies, it is to the credit of all involved that we managed to have Choirs, Soloists, Readers, Eucharistic Ministers and people to manage the reintroduction of our Offertory Collection at each Mass. Our Churches were decorated so beautifully, with our Cribs centrally placed. Thanks to all our little “elf’s” who work so hard in the background. It was so encouraging to see so many giving of their time and talent to make so much possible this Christmas. The real asset test is found in the fact that people left our liturgies uplifted and with a sense of Christmas in their hearts. So thank you to all involved. The generosity displayed in the different collections was most encouraging. In the midst of such economic uncertainty that so many contributed so generosity towards the Priest’s Collection and the Parish Weekly Collection is a mark of your support, something we appreciate and value greatly. A sincere Thank You for your generosity. May 2023 be a year in which we build on the spirit we established this Christmas and make so much more possible in our Parish Community.