Trócaire – Aid for Ukraine and South Sudan

Published on March 3, 2022

The crisis in Ukraine is a devastating humanitarian disaster, which people in Ireland are responding to with deep compassion. The most effective way to provide support to the people of Ukraine is to donate money to humanitarian agencies that are working on the ground in Ukraine and Poland, like Trócaire. Trócaire is working with Caritas Ukraine and Caritas Poland, who are supporting people both within Ukraine and people who have managed to cross the border. They are providing shelter and essential supplies, including food, blankets, and hygiene supplies.

However, Trócaire has appealed that we do not forget the many millions of people who are already facing similar crises around the world and who risk being left with no support as the world focuses on Ukraine.

Millions of people in countries such as South Sudan, Somalia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo are displaced by conflict and some are facing famine. Trócaire’s Lenten campaign supports people living through these forgotten crises. Trócaire also has a separate and specific appeal for Ukraine. We highly recommend that members of the public express their kindness and compassion to people fleeing conflict everywhere by making their donations to Trócaire’s Ukraine appeal in addition to their donations to Trócaire’s Lenten appeal.

The generosity of the people of Ireland is deeply appreciated. Every cent and euro donated to Trócaire will be used to support people who are facing a deep crisis and to ensure no one is forgotten.


Trócaire Boxes are available in the Church or alternatively you can use the Trócaire envelope that forms part of the Parish Box of envelopes. Also if you submit an envelope marked Trócaire we will ensure that it is passed onto Trócaire to enable them in the great work that they do.