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Christmas Quiz – in Aid of Kilnasoolagh Parish Church

Click  kilnasoolagh-quiz-2018  to download

Christmas Quiz:  Kilnasoolagh church is an integral part of the architectural heritage of Newmarket-on-Fergus village. It is an ancient building and from time to time it needs expenditure on the maintenance front. Recently the east gable had some water ingress. The coping stones needed pointing, that in turn means scaffolding, an expensive installation for a short period of time. That work has been completed outside but now there is interior work to be done on the

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Remembrance Tree

During the weeks of Advent, the tree located in the sanctuary of each of our three churches has a special purpose. It is a Remembrance tree. You are invited to take a card from the basket beside the tree and write on it the name of someone you wish to pray for during the Advent and Christmas season; perhaps someone who has died recently in your family at home or abroad, someone who is sick, someone away from home and

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Play & Pray

Play and pray takes place each Saturday night during 6pm mass in the meeting room upstairs in the church until December 22nd. It will return again on January 12th. All 3-8 years old are welcome.






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“Land of Saints and Scholars” –

 The story of the Catholic Church in Ireland” is a hard cover publication designed to appeal to younger people and children. Told in full colour picture format the book would make an excellent Christmas present. It is a special publication which is only available through parishes and there are pages dedicated to the Diocese of Killaloe. It costs €15 and is available in the Parish Office.


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Blessing of the Graves

Thur 1st Nov: After 11.00am Mass -   Priests’ cemetery

Sun 4th  Nov:

1.00pm: Kilnasoolagh

1.30pm: Kilmaleery

2.00pm: Kilconroy

2.30pm: Lemenagh (both Shannon and Newmarket Priests will be present)

3.00pm: Clonloghan

Sun 11th Nov:

1.30pm: Bunratty

2.00pm: Drumline

2.30pm: Fenloe

3.00pm: Ballycar Killeen