The Synod in Rome

Published on October 26, 2023

This week saw the conclusion of the Synod’s reflection on Authority and leadership in the Church. The main themes which emerged this week included: that those who exercise authority must do so bare foot; leadership should be at the service of the poor; revision of financial structures for greater economic transparency; synodality does not eliminate authority but contextualises it; a call to strengthen existing synodal structures such as pastoral, diocesan and episcopal Councils, that church structures must develop a culture of protection to ensure the safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children; in a world of polarisation and xenophobia communion is the best message we can give; Communion with Peter; co- responsibility and active engagement of all the charism of a diocese and parish; commitment to eradicate clericalism both in clerical and lay circles and the engagement of specific skills and charisms of all the laity. The participants issued a letter to the People of God outlining their experience of the last three week to read click on the link: