Note from the Parish Finance Council

Published on February 23, 2024

Last week we wrote to you on the newsletter regarding the €24,465.38 rebate the Parish of Newmarket on Fergus received from Revenue’s Charitable Donation Scheme. We are blessed that so many parishioners give so generously of their time, and of their resources to ensure that we as a parish can continue in the mission of spreading the Gospel. In order for the parish to benefit from Revenue’s Charitable Donation Scheme it must be able to vouch for your donations. This we can do if you donate by using the Parish Envelope System, or by cheque or by paying online or by bank transfer. No matter what the amount you donate to the parish it matters, and it is valued. If you have not already done so, please consider registering with the Parish Office for a box of envelopes or to contribute in a manner whereby we can vouch for your contribution. You will be surprised at how much your contributions in a given year will add up to. For example, if in a given week €600 is counted in loose change, under the Charitable Donation Scheme if this money was vouched for and if the contributors made the threshold that would mean an additional €186 a week or €9672 a year to the parish collection and at no extra cost to you the parishioners.  More on this next week.