Note from the Parish Finance Council

Published on March 1, 2024

As part of our efforts to avail of Revenue’s Charitable Donation Scheme you should have received your CHY3 Enduring Cert Application Form this week. We wish to say thank you to so many of you who have already returned the completed forms. These completed forms allow the Parish to receive an additional 31% rebate on donations made by a person in a given year amounting to €250 or more. There is a body of work involved in processing these forms, so we do ask that you return them as soon as possible. We are aware that it takes a short amount of time to complete these forms but the benefits accruing from your efforts are significant. Last year alone this scheme netted an additional €24,465.38 of income for the parish. If you have not received a form from the Parish Office and you wish to partake in the scheme, please call the Parish Office and we will have a form forwarded to you. We take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who contribute in a myriad of ways, to the work and mission of the parish.