Christmas Greeting

Published on December 22, 2023

This has been a year when many of the catch phrases of the Christmas Story have rang true in daily life. We have seen people like the Holy Family having to engage the reality of “no room at the inn”. Others like Mary who got news that upset and frightened them being told “do not be afraid”. We have seen others like the three Wise Men migrating on long journeys in the hope of finding something lifegiving and enriching from themselves and their families.

The Christmas story may be over 2000 years old but at the same time it is ever fresh. We see and encounter it every day of the year in a cycle of birth, love and care which is often intermingled with the harshness of Herod type characters with envy and hate causing so much hurt in our world. For those of us for whom this Christmas will be challenging for one reason or another let us remind ourselves that it is into such challenging and non   ideal situations that Jesus chose to be born. In the imperfect start of a stable he found love, in being excluded he created a welcoming space for strangers, in the noise of hate and envy he gently whispered the love only a      vulnerable baby can speak. May this Christmas be one of welcome, love and inclusion for you and yours. Like the infant Jesus may we chose to be gentle and most importantly may we chose like Jesus to be present too and with one another this Christmas. .

Fr. Michael