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Mass Schedule

From September 2nd / 3rd the weekend Mass schedule will be as follows:

Saturday: 6.00pm in the Wells

Sunday:    9.00am in Carrigerry

Sunday:  11.00am in Newmarket


Unfortunately change such as this makes it

impossible to accommodate the wishes of

everybody and brings inconvenience to some. We will observe for a few weeks how this change is progressing. Hopefully we can manage to adjust as best we can until a new normality is established.


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Welcome to Bishop Fintan.

This weekend Bishop Fintan Monahan comes to spend time in our midst to visit, to listen and to pray with us. It is an opportunity for him to get acquainted with the geography of the parish and the life of the community. He has had a busy schedule since his arrival in the diocese and it is a pleasure to have him break the bread of the Eucharist with us as community. We extend a very warm welcome to Bishop

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Easter Ceremonies

The main Easter Ceremonies on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday will be celebrated in  Newmarket Church only.
Holy Thursday
Mass of the Lord’s Supper  – 7.30pm Newmarket
Confessions:                           8.15pm Newmarket
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament until 9.30pm
Good Friday
Outdoor Stations of the Cross:
Carrigoran Outdoor Stations @ 11.00am
All assemble in the chapel at Carrigoran.
Celebration of the Passion:   3.00pm Newmarket
Confessions:                           4.00pm Newmarket
Stations of the Cross :          6.30pm Wells
                                                  7.30pm Carrigerry
Holy Saturday
Confessions:                   12noon
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Dawn Mass on Easter Sunday

We will gather on Easter Sunday morning at 6.00am to celebrate the Resurrection and break the Bread of the Eucharist together at Fenloe cemetery. The new day should begin to break in on our darkness at about 6.15am. By assembling in this sacred place in our parish we will unite our voices with those of our departed loved ones in proclaiming Resurrection and welcoming Christ our light who calls us out of darkness into his own marvellous light.