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Canon Reuben’s 1st Anniversary – 25th April.

It is sometimes difficult to comprehend how quickly time passes. We are already one year on from the death of our beloved Canon Reuben Butler. With memories so fresh in our minds, we find ourselves giving thanks for the privilege of having had him as our priest in Newmarket for the last thirty years of his life. We remember with fondness his gentle personality , his beautiful mind, his most unique wit and sense of humour, his turn of phrase, his clarity of thought and his word of encouragement to all. We will continue to carry in our hearts the mark of the man and the priest who lived and loved and served God and neighbour so faithfully. May the Lord hold him always in his safekeeping!

Many years prior to his passing, Canon Reuben chose Fenloe as his final resting place. On visiting there in April, as spring comes into its own, one can so easily make that special connection between heaven and earth. The beauty and tranquillity of that historic and hallowed place has a way of enveloping the visitor reminding us of how rooted we are to all who sleep in peace and whose headstones point towards the heavens. Reuben understood that sense of connection and now is at one with the source of all life. Leaba I measc na Naoimh uile go raibh aige!